Remove Stripped Screws FAST!


Speed Out removes stripped or damaged screws fast and easy!

Speed Out is a drill and extractor in one tool - if you can use a drill you can use Speed Out! Simply drill out the damaged area with the patented cutting end then flip the tool around and the extracting end pulls the screw out.

The Speed Out stripped screw extractor can remove four-inch long deck screws out of redwood even if you break the head of the screw or bolt! Whether is a Philips head, flat head, hex head, even painted over screws gets them all out in 10 seconds or less. Made of durable hardened steel.

A must have for any tool box!


Worked on stripped brake rotor screws. Three of the four stripped out and this kit made short work of thoses screws.

-- Y.C.

This is the best tool to have around in where in house,car, garage,kitchen, and etc. It works so good on stripped screws and bolts. I couldn't believe how easy they come out.

-- S.D.

The speed out works just like you advertised. I gave them to my son and grandsons and they were really pleased.

-- S.W.

I purchased this item for my son-in-law, who is extremely difficult to buy for and he was happy to receive something that he can use on a regular basis in his home.

-- M.E.

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